Sims 4 CC - Persona 5 Strikers: Zenkichi Hasegawa/Wolf Hair


**Spoilers ahead for Persona 5 Strikers/Scramble**

(update: I'm working on wolf's full-outfit, stay tuned!)


  • Base Game
  • 2 hair options (normal, wolf)
  • Mask (glasses category)
  • Goatee edit
  • 12 hair colors
  • Teen-Elders version
  • Masculine frame
  • No Random Townies
  • Custom Thumbnails

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TS4-CC: Persona 5 Strikers/Scramble: Zenkichi Hasegawa/Wolf/Gramps hairstyle


Atlus/SEGA owns the Persona series and assets.

Necroalx for the model rips