Sims 4 CC - Persona 5 Royal: Munehisa Iwai Outfit


Special thanks to CMajora for the commission!


  • Candy Accessory (earing)
  • Coat/Jacket (top)
  • Jeans (bottoms)
  • Boots (shoes)
  • Neck Tattoo (technically it's a Leg tattoo so you can use other arms/chest tattoos with it) (the quality is a bit rough due to the neck area being harder to map)

Get his hat in the P5 hairs pack here:

CC Info:

  • Base Game Compatible
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • All LODs
  • Masculine Teen-Elders
  • No random Townies

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TS4-CC: Persona 5 Royal: Munehisa Iwai Outfit


Atlus/SEGA owns the Persona series and assets.

Models extracted by Xelandis (NSFW)