Sims 4 Lot - Junes Department Store (Persona 4 Golden)


"Every day's great at your Junes!"

This is my complete build of the Junes Department Store from Persona 4 Golden! Every iconic area from the game has been remade for TS4! Plus some additional areas to complement the build for a functional grocery store lot.

[DLC Required]:

  • Get to Work (EP01)
  • Get Together (EP02)
  • City Living (EP03)
  • Eco Lifestyle (EP09)
  • Snowy Escape (EP10)
  • High School Years (EP12)

[CC Required]:

  1. Grocery store Pt.I by Severinka
  2. Grocery store Pt.II
  3. Grocery store Pt.III
  4. Grocery store Pt.IV
  5. Japanese Convenience Store Set by StudioK Creations
  6. Uplifting Elevators by Ravasheen
  7. Persona/SMT Magazine Rack by VelvetCatalog

▼Download | CurseForge:

[How to Install]:

  1. Download and Unzip the File
  2. Place the "Mods" subfolder into your Sims 4 Mods Directory
  3. Place the other files into your Sims 4 - Tray Folder
  4. Run S4 and check your Gallery, and enable Custom Content.

Terms of Use:


Persona 4 Golden is owned by Atlus/SEGA.

♥Sasuke-bby for the JUNES XPS Model I used