Sims 4 CC - Persona 4 Golden: TV Glasses Pack


"Guide you through The Shadow World~"


  • Base Game
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Teen-Elders (+child version of Gag Glasses)

  • Includes:
    Yu Narukami/Protagonist TV Glasses
  • Yosuke Hanamura TV Glasses
  • Chie Satonaka TV Glasses
  • Yukiko Amagi TV Glasses
  • Naoto Shirogane TV Glasses
  • Kanji Tatsumi TV Glasses
  • Rise Kujikawa TV Glasses
  • 3D Glasses
  • Gag Glasses (child-elders)

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TS4-P4G CC: Persona 4 glasses pack.

Credits: Persona 4 Golden is owned by Atlus/SEGA.

Models from TheModelResource