[CC] Sims 4 - Persona 5: Entire Collection v1 - REDUX:


General Features: (196 Color Swatches in-all):
  • Male/Female Tops/Outfits/Eyes/Shoes/Gloves
  • Ages: Teen-Elders (generally)
  • Requirements: None - No DLC/Meshes/BS!
  • No Randoms (generally)
  • A lot of Color Swatches (generally 10+ per item)
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Textures both handmade + recycled from TS4 & P5.
  • Revised CC from previous version (now removed/outdated)

General Clothing Items:
  • [Mostly] Shirts/Tops
  • 3 female Outfits (Panther/Oracle/Queen)
  • Pants (3 swatches)
  • Eyes (Both Default Addons + Face Paint) (34-36 in-total)
  • Gloves + Gloves [Ring Finger]
  • Shoes
  • Get Smoked Hat (Children-Elders)


Terms of Use (T.O.U.) Page:
Installation Page:
[Remember to Delete the Outdated ECv1 All File!]


Download (All-in-one File):

♦SimFileShare (31-34 MB):



Thank you everyone for staying with me through this! Sorry it took so long to complete, I’ve added some bonus stuff in here for fun! I will be resuming ECv2 again soon~
Take Care Everyone & Goodnight!


  1. Hello! I installed the mod but only some outfits appear, like the phantom thief attires aren't there nor the pants, shoes and more

    1. Hi! Thanks for reaching out!

      You might have the "Tops only" pack if nothing else is showing,
      did you download from Nexus or SFS?


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