Terms of Use / T.O.U Page:

This is my TOU Page, for now on my CC/Mods that have TOU, it will link here.

Not Allowed:
  • No editing
  • Recoloring/Swatch edits
  • Stealing/claiming credit
  • Re-uploading the Files (You can re-direct to original DL Page)
  • Monetizing directly from CC (i.e Adfly)
-without my (@cryptiam) Permission.

CC Usage:
  • You are free to use my CC in videos, simblr blogs, etc. Please leave credit back to the original Download Page if you’re using my CC for Public Use (i.e. Simblr accounts, Instagram Post, etc.) This is not required, but it helps your audience find the CC you’re using & it helps me out as well!
  • I don’t have a policy on NSFW stuff, at least for the moment. I’d prefer it to not be posted where younger audiences could stumble across the posts, mark it as 18+. No Illegal stuff either, that’s pretty much all that I require.
[My TOU may change overtime, more maybe added/removed in time]