Resource Compendium:

Software I use/alternatives:
(For TS4) What I use for re-textures/importing 3D object is "Sims 4 Studio" (It requires you to create an account w/email)

  1. Custom Trait Creator: "TS4 Mod Constructor V3+"
  2. "Create a Career" DL Page
  • For Editing Textures: I use GIMP 2.0+ (Free Software) // Alternatively if you have: Photoshop/ (Software must have a Transparency System!)
  • For 3D Model Creating/Meshing: Blender (Free)
    • // Alternative 3D Software: I've seen others use Premium/Paid Software like 3D Max/Maya and Clothes Meshing: Marvelous M (But these options can be very costly subscriptions so I'd still recommend Blender to start, although it can be difficult to use.)
My main sources for tip/tricks come from YouTube tutorials, forums post (Usually I Google what I'm looking for), and lastly trial & error.
Here's 3 YouTube Playlist I compiled for a few different places to start (Depending on what CC you wish to make):
(More videos maybe added to these 3 playlists, hopefully this helps you find the rabbit-hole so to speak.)
Tips - Where to Post your CC:
I’ve found that my most “Successful” CC was when I posted on TheSimsResource, generally ranking in a few hundred DLs - however I noticed the Ad-Site I’ll refer to as “Exchange-Bot” steals mostly from TSR, so be warned! I also have previously used Sites like MediaFire when starting off, but I’ve since quit using Ad-Gated Sites in general.
Currently the 2 Sites I use most often is NexusMods (Does Require a Free Account to Post/DL) & SimFileShare (requires a reference link/application for account - I’m fine sharing referral to those who request it).

- While the Sims 4 Community is kind-of smaller on Nexus it does mean you’ll be easier to find due to less saturation, also my experience overall has been pleasant & safe on their site. SimFileShare is a perfect place to host your CC, due to it being a Direct-Download Site unlike other sites I’ve listed earlier.
Lastly I use most Social Media to Promote/Share Updates/WiPs/DL Pages/Chatting with the Community.
Best of Luck Simmers!