[CC] Sims 4 - Persona 5: Entire Collection V1 [REDUX]:

General Features: (196 Color Swatches in-all):
  • Male/Female Tops/Outfits/Eyes/Shoes/Gloves
  • Ages: Teen-Elders (generally)
  • Requirements: None - No DLC/Meshes/BS!
  • No Randoms (generally)
  • A lot of Color Swatches (generally 10+ per item)
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Textures both handmade + recycled from TS4 & P5.
  • Revised CC from previous version (now removed/outdated)

General Clothing Items:
  • [Mostly] Shirts/Tops
  • 3 female Outfits (Panther/Oracle/Queen)
  • Pants (3 swatches)
  • Eyes (Both Default Addons + Face Paint) (34-36 in-total)
  • Gloves + Gloves [Ring Finger]
  • Shoes
  • Get Smoked Hat (Children-Elders)

Terms of Use (T.O.U.) Page:
Installation Page:
[Remember to Delete the Outdated ECv1 All File!]


Download (All-in-one File):

♦SimFileShare (31-34 MB):


Thank you everyone for staying with me through this! Sorry it took so long to complete, I’ve added some bonus stuff in here for fun! I will be resuming ECv2 again soon~
Take Care Everyone & Goodnight!